Perpetual Care

Cast Iron and Steel Sculpture

Using a machine aesthetic, industrial icons and railroad imagery, my most recent work reflects the shift to industry in the late 19th century. This short-lived, progressive movement has irrevocably transformed our post-industrial existence to one radically divorced from the environment ruthlessly exploited during the industrial era, where information technologies and plastics are the current, dominating forces.  The images that I create serve to invoke and reinforce the sculptural properties of architecture as "anonymous sculptures.” By juxtaposing unicycles and carts with these industrial icons, I want to bring a sense of humor and irony to my work as well as reference the relentless order of industrial production. Using industrial imagery combined with temples and ruins I have explored ideas pertinent to the industrial age and its subsequent lapse into obsolescence. My work can be interpreted as ruminations of a lost era. I consider myself to be an artist attached to the cast iron movement in America, as the medium of cast iron is the vehicle for the concepts behind my work.