Construction of Self

Working with the archetypal image of the house.

​This static, stable image of a house is one that I have been carrying. During the past two years while working on my studies in art education and while beginning to work with the image of the house, I was also working on my house. We sold the house, were homeless or, at least living under my parents’ roof, and finally moved into a new house. However, as I meditate and become more present with the image there is a lot more to it. There is an echo. There is much more to the simple image of a house, there is more meaning behind it. House is defined in The American Heritage College Dictionary as a structure serving as a dwelling for one or more persons, especially for a family. House or Home has a sense of identity attached to it. My family and my ideas of home define my identity. The image of the house repeated over and over re-enforces the importance of that meaning. The image of the house evolved through my work as I drew connections to the imagery and my own personal experiences while engaging in the reflective writing process from image to image. By writing reflectively what I saw in the work, what the images presented—rather than represented, without conceptual thought dictating any sort of solution or the development of ideas, metaphors presented themselves and a pathway emerged for still more work using and developing the archetype of the image of the house. The fact is that regardless of my efforts, imagery comes from what we have made and experienced; even unconsciously we as artists are reflecting back on ourselves. It may very well be out of necessity.